Why you should choose local.

Real Estate with Alyssa Rose in San Antonio.  Looking to sell or buy? I can help.
Real Estate with Alyssa Rose in San Antonio. Looking to sell or buy? Choose me. I will support your dream, while you support mine.

National corporations have steadily been taking over local real estate markets. What most people do not realize is that these companies are doing a disservice to all parties involved. These companies are representing both sellers and buyers. They are offering to buy your home at the lower end of market value. Why sell to the first person that wants to buy your home when you can have multiple people competing, naturally driving the sales price up? Sellers could be losing out on $5000-$20,000 or more.

These corporations purchase the home and re-list it at a higher price. When they are filling out the sellers disclosure, they state that they have never lived in the property and are not aware of any issues. There is no listing description to help agents and buyers filter through homes. They are notorious for staging pictures (which is perfectly legal with a disclaimer). But when visiting the home, it’s typically a different story…

Not only do they not give sellers full market value, they offer to pay a fraction of commission to local agents, both on the buyer and seller side. I am also starting to notice that they are exaggerating the amount that the home ended up selling for.

I have also found it difficult as an agent to schedule a showing for these types of listings. I download the app, register my information as an agent, the app conveniently glitches, and I am unable to schedule a showing for my client. My client even downloaded the app, requested a showing, and it would not let her book an appointment if they selected that they already had a real estate agent.

When you choose local, you are supporting our community. You are supporting an entrepreneur with a dream. Consider reinvesting locally instead of making out of state corporations more wealthy.

Alyssa Rose